Hit Them Where It Hurts

Why go for the kill, when you can go for pain?

Hit Them Right Where It Hurts
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I answer the heroic question "Death, where is they sting?" with "It is here in my heart and mind and memories."

where_it_hurts is a post Season 4 Angel/post the Buffy series game. So, AU S5 Angel and what would be S8 for Buffy.


Previously on Angel: In the episode ‘Home’, Jasmine WAS defeated by Connor but the AI team did NOT take Wolfram&Hart’s offer to take control of the L.A. Branch. Connor's instability led him to certain self-destruction, and he was eventually taken out by ‘L.A.s finest’ as a last resort when they arrived at the scene of his little hostage situation at the...sporting goods store.

Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: To make life simple, ‘Chosen’ played out exactly the same way. Two slayers became many, thanks to Willow and the spiffy slayer scythe, Anya and Spike died and Sunnydale did get sucked into oblivion.

The Now

After world peace was ‘safely avoided’, the AI team went on as usual, helping the hopeless out of their HQ, the Hyperion Hotel. Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway...) Angel slipped into full-brood mode after Connor’s death. He shuts himself off emotionally from the others and proceeded to drown his sorrows in each and every case that came AIs way. Along with reeling from the passing of Connor, Cordelia is still in her coma and her condition is worsening by the day, which adds to the groups depleted morality and numbers.

Enter the Scooby Gang, fresh from their big fight in Sunnydale. Their group arrives in L.A. in search of their friends at Angel Investigations. The AI team takes in the remaining Scoobies, both teams now unite to take down the source of evil in L.A. once and for all. Wolfram&Hart.

On the side of evil, the domino effect has been triggered now that the Scoobies and Angel Investigations have joined forces. Now they could kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Along with the Senior Partners, who keep watch of things from outside this plain of existence, the trio of the Wold, Ram and Hart have been called into play in this dimension to aid in the downfall of the white-hat camp. Their chosen plan of attack? Go for where it’ll hurt the most.

Go for the heart.

The firm successfully brings back Connor, Spike, Anya, Cordelia and Lilah. But W&H IS any ‘evil’ law firm and all, so they obviously bring back the darker personas of each to take their emotional and physical toll on the good guys. Each one is brought back with a few new tricks to aid in the tormenting and inevitable ending of their targets.

Will the newly joined power force of Angel Investigations and the Scooby Gang be able to fight the good fight when their enemies are former family members, friends and loves? Or will the fight be left to a new group of freelance fighters who have no connections to the fallen members of the SG/AI?

So, are you ready to hit them where it hurts?

~*~*Key Notes*~*~

--After the battle with The First, Giles took it upon himself to restart the Watchers Council. He headed to Cleveland with Kennedy, Robin, Rona and the rest of the new slayers to start fresh on the new Hellmouth ((I did this just because its hard to find Robin, Giles and the slayers...but if we can find ‘em then sure, screw Cleveland and we’ll move them on over to L.A.))
--The Wolf, Ram and Hart are the powers behind the evil lawfirm on THIS plain. (The Senior Partners oversee W&H from a different plain) They are three separate entities who have two forms each: A ‘human' form, and an animal form. (For more info on them check out the journal wolfxramxhart)
--For those bing brought back, they’ll have all their memories of what happened up until the moment of their deaths. Also, they aren’t necessarily brought back ‘evil’. They’re brought back in whatever state of mind they were in when last alive. (IE: Connor would obviously be pissed, but characters like Anya and Spike would still be pro white-hat.) Slowly W&H will try to turn them, keeping them under wraps at the firm, and eventually we’ll end up with the dark alter egos of each.
--Lastly, until W&H is sure they have full power over each individual, they will wink in and out of corporeality. This will act as a failsafe in favor of the firm so none of the individuals brought back can act out against W&H. As long as they act according to what they firm has in mind then they are all corporeal-like, but if they try to act out/rebel/attack then they slip into being ghosts/non-corporeal. Eventually, this’ll change depending on how corporative each character is with the Wolfram & Hart.

Cast Breakdown

Angel Investigations
Angel: mr_angel
Fred: freddles
Gunn: he_who_fights
Wesley: _wes_pryce_

Buffy: summers__buffy
Faith: wicked_slay_gal
Willow: not_an_amazon
Xander: wicked_xand
Dawn: dawn_thekey

Wolfram & Hart
Knox: qwahazahn
The Wolf: wolfxramxhart
The Ram: wolfxramxhart
The Hart: wolfxramxhart
** Samantha Spender iwouldnt_fear

Blasts from their pasts
Connor: angelical_demon
Spike/William the Bloody: got_the_spark
Anya/Ankyanka: steeringempathy
Cordelia: former_seer
Lilah: not_a_lie

The Care Bears
^Hannibal King- king_han
^Abigail Whistler- x__abby__x
*Jacqueline: jacqueline_jac
**Nicole Chase: ice__princess
*Nick Chase: midnight_wiccan
*Jonas Serling: jonas_serling

*=Original Character
**=Original Slayer
^=Cross-Over Character

The rules part...

1) Try and keep up with the plot. This means reading all threads, not just the one you're involved in.
2) No one-line comments please.
3) If you wont be able to post for a while due to whatever reason, try and let the group know. (We're pretty understanding, so we won't go all 'grrr' on ya if you have a good reason for not posting/replying.)
4) If your character is not heard from in a week then you'll get a warning. Once this happens you have three days to get back to us. (This does not mean you have to post for your character by the third day, just let us know you're alive and well in the ooc journal and give us a heads up on your status with the group.)
5)Once there is an 11 day gap of not hearing from you, you will be replaced. (Again, if theres a good reason behind it then it's ok.)
6) All plot related talk should take place in the OOC Journal. whereithurtsooc
7) If you plan on shipping run it by the mods and make sure it's ok with the player of the character you want to ship with.
8) PLEASE don't hesitate to add your own input to the current plot. If you want to take your character in a certain direction then by all means run it by us. We’re open to all opinions regarding the plot.
9) Above all else...have fun. Thats the whole point here.
10) Ok...so I dont have a ten. Do I look like Moses?

((Any questions? Just contact one of the mods. dawn_thekey and/or wolfxramxhart))