Unexpected Change of Plans
Well look at that... It would seem I'm just about as successful at life now as I was before. They send me to do one thing. One thing that my life depends on I might add. Find Wesley. Well that and mess with his mind a bit. Which I'm thinking shouldn't be that hard. I mean, of course it's not something I'd choose to do. I'm not heartless. And however idiotic or cruel he may have been at times I really did care. Possibly even more than I've ever cared about anyone else in my life. But it's one of those damned if you do damned if you don't deals. My plan? Go to his place, and be upfront about it. Tell him, they sent me here to mess with your mind. Technically that's not breaking any rules. Not going against the firm. Just me doing what I should've done long ago. Being honest with him. Of course, my luck being, ...well, my luck. He's not there.

So yeah, that would be a big no as to whether or he's not in there mourning me. No big, wasn't really expecting as much. But still, a girl can hope. Anyway, yeah, mourning; not so much. In fact from what I hear he's not mourning me at all. Have to give him credit, he always did move fast. At least the word around this place is, he's been moving on. For my sake I'm hoping that word hasn't made it's way back to Ram yet. I have enough problems. And while I have a strange suspicion that I may have some pull with my boy Ry, I seriously doubt I have enough to keep me here once all three of them are in agreement that I seem to not be serving my purpose...

Anyway, I had gone back to the firm, to see what I could find, if anything, that might help me in my cause; when on my way out I heard a few interesting tidbits being relayed via certain members of the secretarial pool. Wes was in the building? With...the slayer? And from the sound of it he was in more than a little trouble. Well, they both were I suppose. But, and I say this not to be cruel, I don't go sticking my neck out for just anyone. If it was just the slayer, I probably would've kept right on out those doors. But it wasn't just her. It was him; Wesley. And as stupid as it sounds I couldn't just leave him to die.

Now all I had to do was locate him, identify the problem, and quickly without anyone noticing help him escape said problem. Yeah, I know, easier said than done. Of course I did have that slight pull with Ram. And what's the point of having access to power if you can't abuse it. I just hope it'll be enough.

I made my way into the meeting room where we first met. Nothing. Alright, time for that Pinocchio garbage. You know, the give a little whistle, always let my conscience be my guide thing... Okay. So mostly just the whistle, but still. "Hey, any higher beings in the form of college boys around here? Ram? Ry, Ry? Can you hear me? I've run into a little snag and was hoping you could give me some advice.."

Here goes nothing. Now just to get my game face on. Of course if he doesn't show I'm back at square one. Come on...I know I made some progress earlier...

(Open to Ram?)
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Do You Believe In Magic
Willow taught us both some knew tricks of the trade while also giving us the safety lecture. That part was always the boring part of learning. But Nick and I sat through it. It actually wasn't all that boring for me since I spent most of my time looking at Nick. My god that boy is I drooling? I did a double take on my lip just to be on the safe side.

Willow had finished teaching us for today. So with that Nick and I left the room and went off elsewhere. Wasn't sure just where we were going, but I am sure once we got there we would know that we were in the right place. Will walking I made the first move to engage conversation.

"So...could that have been any longer? It felt like we have been in there for months. Though she told us and taught us all that stuff for a reason. You know self control, personal gain everything happening for a reason. So on and so on. Do you think it helped any in gaining more control of your powers?"

We made our way down the stairs and continued on through the lobby and next I found myself outside in the courtyard. I leaned on one of the walls and just looked out to our beautiful town. No matter how many times I look at this view it's still nothing compared to Sunnydale. Down there, there are so many people who continue on with there lives blind to what is actually going on. At least in Sunnydale most people there knew something was going on..that or just though the whole town was crazytown.

The sun was rising now. It was an amazing sight. You could see it just coming up around the ocean from the distance. Everything at that very moment felt perfect..even if I knew that it really wasn't. I jumped a bit as I felt an arm touch my shoulder. And looked and there was Nick standing there. Okay so how much of a dork could I have looked like just staring off into no where while he stood there probably re-thinking his feelings about me..uh if he actually really had any in the first place.

(Open to you Nick! only took me 7 months to make another post...though tag has only been 2 -smiles-)


So Nikki and Angel actually do listen and make a run for it, but personally, being captured by Wolfram and Hart? Not one of my biggest fears. So I take the opportunity to look like a hero and jump into the fight. Now I know these guys are on my team, but I wouldn't say any of them exactly like me, so there's no harm in putting on a good show and busting a few jaws, right. Alright, so I'm totally having fun busting heads. I'm in the middle of a fight with a very annoyed guard who knows exactly who I am when I glance over my shoulder and see Angel slip out the back window after Nikki, and a nearly unconscious Buffy getting picked up by the guards. I stop fighting and cock my head at the beaten and bleeding slayer. She's maybe five years older than me and is looking a little ragged around the edges, which is support to my theory that the good fight gives you wrinkles.

And as I look her over, I see the light bounce off of something shiny in a sling on her back. She's clearly out of it, so there's no chance of being exposed at this point, I hold up a hand to the guards to get them to pause, and go over there, pulling a large weapon out of the sling. The first thing that I notice is that it's gorgeous. It's a long axe with a red and silver blade, and the end of the weapon is wooden, and sharpened to a point. Before anything I just spend a long moment staring at it. I haven't been this transfixed since my last visit to Tiffany's. I cradle it in both my hands and I'm immediatley overcome with two very potent feelings. The first, is power. Power like Buffy must have felt every day of her life because she was the one and only, and now I'm holding that power, in my hands. I never want to let it go. The second, is that this is mine. It's always been mine, and now it's just reached the hands of it's real owner.

I smile and wave the guards off, holding my new weapon in one hand and heading for my on-site penthouse apartment to do damage control on my hair and skin. Besides my obvious physical emergencies, everything is going very very well if I do say so myself. I know I don't have to look for Hart, what a useless activity that would be in a building this size. She'll find me.

One slayer down....
Ok so here I am fighting for my life, well maybe not for my life as much as not wanting to be caught and brought to the head offices. Cause that? That would be bad. My leg was really hurting and bleeding badly. I started to get flushed as I fought off guards every which way. I was really hoping that my leg wasn't going to give out again. That would mean I would fall over and let my guard down making this day even worse. All I knew was I had to fight. I had to stay strong and get through this. I wasn't about to let this place get me. It wasn't going to happen. Or so I thought. Cause Buffy's theories? They always look better in my head but they never seem to play out the way I wanted them to.

I wasn't sure if the others made it out. Seeing as how there were guards every which way I turned. And the mauling thing? Really starting to aggravate me. I was just hoping that Angel decided to go and not risk losing all the information we got. And I'd rather have him be happy than me living. Yeah ok morbid, but if it came down to it? I wouldn't hesitate. And seeing as how I'm wounded fatally, he didn't need to risk himself or anybody else. And I wasn't about to let him do that for me. Three strikes and your out. I've already accepted it as much as I didn't want it to happen. I was scared and I didn't want to die again but at least I'll go out like last time.

I kept fighting using all the strength I managed to have left. But I could feel myself weakening quickly, which wasn't of the good seeing as how it was probably from that knife. Remind to kill whoever made it. Killing off as many as I could I still fought, well that was until I felt a big poke in my arm. That’s when I saw all the guards back away from me. Ok, I'm guessing that's not a good thing. I looked around as my vision was getting blurry. Crap. I was about to pass out. Struggling to stay awake, I held my stance.

"Take her to the bricks."

I heard one of the guards say as I quickly put my scythe in the strap and felt my body being moved by four guards. This was not good. I tried to fight but I couldn't move and then everything around me went black.

[Open to dun dun dun...Wes!^_^]

Death from above
With Sam and Nikki gone, and Howl making himself at home I decided to go out on my own for some slay-time. After all, that is what we do. Although, the solo outings have become pretty few and far between, this is how I started. Just me, a few choice weapons and some unsuspecting creatures of the night. Now if that's not a party I don't know what is.

Equipped with my bow, pistol and a much less flashy stake, I opted for the birds eye view approach. I kept to the rooftops so I'd have an edge over whatever I came up against. When we first set up shop in the city we made a point of working the roofs to our advantage by making sure we could get from one to the other relatively easy. Most of our neck of the woods were row structures so that was in our favor, but every now and again you're obviously going to hit an alley, but all that needed to be done was to rig a few fire escape ladders to not only go down but across as well. I only make it sound simple because I wasn't actually the one to set them up...I just use the things. Now, the intersections that separated two parallel rows of buildings were a whole other story. When you come to those you just have to be an average Jane or Joe and hoof it across the actual street.

So far tonight I killed 4 vamps and a demon with...three eyes. I decided to go ground level for the demon slaying, the others I just shot from about. Never saw a demon with three eyes before. May as well have been blind though, 'cause it fought like it was. Sort of disappointing in a way. That’s the last time I get my hopes up like that...

God, I'm so weird.

I was in route back to HQ feeling somewhat accomplished and a bit more clearheaded than when I had left. Or, it was till I was done with the killing and was back into my own thoughts. Those are never good.

I wondered how Nick was handling things at The Hyperion. I'm still not sure why he stayed behind. Some kind of closure thing having to deal with Cordy, maybe? Then there’s the matter that is Howl. Hopefully we all just got off on a bad foot and things would smooth out between all of us. If he's going to stay here I refuse to have it make my life miserable. Then there's Sam, Angel and Nikki...ugh. Information would be useful, but so would all three of them getting back in one piece.

Its odd, for onec King isn't the one I'm worried about...

Must phone hell. It probably froze over.
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[Continued from here and here]

"None of the above," I answered Nikki. Unless they've somehow changed Cordelia or Connor into one of those.. things which I doubt they had. Then there was that feeling again. I'd felt it before, I knew that I had, but it wasn't Cordy or even Connor. It was almost as someone else was here.

Shaking the feeling off, I tried to remember the best and fastest way to the lab with only coming in contact with the least amount of people. I did know how to get to the lab from the lobby, but that of course wasn't an option when half of the staff probably recognized me. Unless that half of the staff was fired or.. killed when we didn't take the job. Still, we couldn't take the chance. I wondered if we'd - well, I - would be having this problem if I'd taken the deal Lilah so graciously offered to all of us. Would there even be any need? Probably not. Had they expected me to turn down their offer and then be able to go on with their 'bigger and better' plan? I wouldn't put it past a single member of this place.

Finding my way around this place was a lot harder than I thought it would be. The last time I did a lot of searching in this place when I wasn't on a guided tour in hell the layout was much different. We started to round a a corner and I thought I saw the entrance to the lab. The only problem in that was I saw several people standing in the hallway and outside those doors. Freezing, I went back around the corner and looked at Nikki and Sam. "The lab is around the corner. Just need to wait until the labcoats go somewhere..else."

Catching looks from the both of them, I shook my head and glanced around the corner again. Well, okay so they were already gone. That was fast.. and a little too easy. Turning back around, I nodded at Sam and Nikki then carefully walked towards the lab again. Looking around one more time before I opened the doors, we walked inside the lab. Then there was that feeling again only it was much stronger now. It was almost as if-

"Buffy? Wes?" What in the hell we they doing here?

[Buffy, Wes, Nikki, Sam]
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"Let's get one thing straight, I changed even before I got the soul. Sure I'll do stuff to hurt Angel, never cared for that sod anyways but that's as far as it goes."

I nodded and smiled at him sweetly. It was cute when they thought they were in charge, and i've found that patronizing them by pretending to agree made it funnier.

"Yes, you did. Chips-Ahoy!...and all that. I'm sure it's done wonders for you. You were on the path of following in old grand-sire's shoes huh? The Slayer...the soul. Was 'Spike Investigations' next on your list of things to do before the hell-fire kicked in?"

That REALLY wouldn't have surprised me. Nothing does actually...

"Doctor? I don't think so. I'm a bloody ghost for crying out loud! What could a doctor do?"

And to think...his hair isn't even naturally that color. Could have fooled me.

"Well, Spike, how bout curing you of your Casper-complex for starters? Unless you like the hovering and the intangibility, but since i've done my homework on you I know you're more of a...hands on kinda guy. So the ghost thing? Probably not ideal for you. You don't actually want to spend eternity like THIS, do you? Although, my pint-sized friend does have a way with you astral types. I'm sure she wouldn't mind a new pet."

He can't be as annoying as Anya...can he?

I looked at Connor as he spoke. HE'S unimpressed? What about me? Slightly insane son of two vampires...ohhh. He's a boy with 'I've-been-dead-for-the-past-few-months' hair.

"Teleport, now you're talking my language." I look down at Hart for a second. "You got the spooks?"

"Unfortunately..." What a ball of sunshine.

"Right then." I smirked then concentrated on our destination--Knoxy's lab, obviously. I've never moved this many people at once...hopefully they'd all arrive with all their own...bits. I snapped my fingers and before anyone could even think about protecting against it, we exchanged the out of place apartment-ish setting for a lab. "For any first time fliers who currently HAVE bodies and feel sick...suck it up."

Anyone threw up on me I swear I'll kill them.

"Knox, everybody. Everybody, Knox."

((Knox, Connor, Spike, Cordy...anybody else who feels the urge to be around))

Continued from here

Gripping my scythe I nodded in agreement to Wes. I stopped to really look at him and I saw hurt and loneliness in his eyes. A feeling I have well known for many years. Especially the loneliness. Never in my life have I been so alone when I became the slayer. But now that I'm not the only one it helps but since I'm here with alot of people who don't know me or can't understand who I am, yeah it gets pretty lonely. And a conversation with soemone who feels the same way is comforting in more ways than anyone who is not feeling that way could understand.

I walked over to where the sewer entrance was. It was cracked open as if someone had already gone in there. That's definitely wierd. I'm going to have to go down there first just in case. I don't know who or what for that matter is down there waiting for us. I really hope they didn't know we were here and now, cause that kind of ruins the whole sneak and enter plan.

I switched my scythe to the other hand and lifted the sewer lid off with ease. I tossed it to the side. "Great the sewers. Feels like home and not to mention old times." I said with a smile. I slowly eased my self into the hole and dropped on my one good leg so I wouldn't further my inury even more. Once down there and avoiding the wetness and slime I helped Wes down while he pulled the cover back on. "Watch your back. If this firm is all what you've told me so far, I'm betting anything could happen."

Holding my scythe up I watched as he regained his composure after falling down into the hole to a very gross sewer. I looked at him with a slight smile. "Ok Wes, you know the route better than I do. Lead us there." I said before noticing a small trail of blood run down my leg. Um that can't be good. Luckily it wasn't bleeding through my leg so not very noticeable, well not yet anyway. "Ready when you are." I said with slight eagerness.

[Open to Wes]


They headed off for the firm and I headed for the find a bucket and a rag. Under one of the cabinets I found what I needed. Running straight hot water I filled the bucket and headed for the mess our friend made.

Dunking the large towel in the bucket I rung it out and started wiping down the demon slime. So far my arrival hasn't been anything to be impressed by. Maybe Howl was right, maybe we weren't ready for what was coming. God I couldn't even manage to get a little intel out of a demon.

A deep sigh escaped me as I finished wiping down the mess. That was just gross...maybe tomorrow I'll clean the kitchen.

Standing in the doorway I cleared my throat.

"The demon mess is cleaned up." Picking up the flask and the blanket I went to the door "If you need me I'll be in my room."

Sitting on the edge of the bed I finished off what was left of the flask and got out a book. Resting on my bed I pulled my knees to my chest, covering them in the blanket.

((Open to anyone))


Two slayers and a vampire with a soul. What a threesome we made. One would no doubt just as soon see me a pile of dust on the floor and the other.. well, I really didn't know about the other. The only thing I did now about her was that she liked to walk around without a shirt. Colorful if you ask me, but not even as colorful as the one I was keeping a careful eye on as I'm sure she was doing the same to me.

When we'd left their.. office? headquarters? Gunn headed back to the hotel and as far as I know everyone else stayed put. As we were leaving I was surprised when King walked over to me and shook my hand. I'd nodded at him, shaking his hand. He'd told us.. and me to be careful. Really have no idea why he told me that, but then again it didn't bother me too much. At least one of them there didn't want me to wind up dead.

As we neared the building, I glanced over at Sam and Nikki. "Alright, so we've got two options. We can go in the main entrance and there's a chance *someone* might see us.. well, me." For all I knew they'd still walk past me greeting me with the same 'Good afternoon, Mr. Angel' that I'd gotten before unless they all got the memo that I wasn't in charge and never would be. "But there's also another entrance, but we'll have to get there through the sewers."

It made no difference to me which entrance we took because I had two specific stops to make. One, the lab. Two, a visit to none other than Ms. Lilah Morgan. If the rumors were true anyway. Why they decided she should be brought back, I'll never know. Then again I might be a bit biased.

The sewer entrance was one that we'd used when the Beast had decided to kill everyone in the building. I never knew about the entrance really until.. well, Wesley told us where it was. I think I had a feeling where he'd gotten that information, and I wondered if he knew Lilah was alive and kicking. He did chop her head off after all.

I stopped walking once we were a block or two away from the building and looked at both Nikki and Sam, raising a brow in question. "Or there's always you two going in the front and I'll take the sewers." Shrugging, I crossed my arms over my chest. "So what'll it be?"

[Open to Sam and Nikki]
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So that was that. There had been the surprise visit from Wesley and now he was gone. I had to admit that despite the incredible awkwardness at first and even still some when he'd left, I was glad to see him. Glad to know that he wasn't drowning in alcohol constantly after hearing about Cordy. Also, nice to know he cared enough to stop by. Not that he'd ever admit that was the reason though. What had he come there for in the first place? Had it been simply to see how we were all doing. He left suddenly and acted like he was going out to see more about what was going on at Wolfram and Hart, but he found that out after getting here. Why had he come in the first place. Not that I'll know now. He'd left. There goes another. And where was I? Oh, just here sitting by myself in what should be a busy hotel will mini slayers running around and stuck with the cleanup. Speaking of the slayers, why weren't they here cleaning instead of me?

I scrubbed a bit more at the stain on the floor, but gave up after it seemed like I was making it worse from how dirty the water had gotten. Annoyed, I emptied the bucket and left it sitting for someone else to clean. Or you know, I'd do it tomorrow after seeing that no one had touched it.

Now I was back to.. nothing. The cases had stopped, the calls had slowed to a minimum, the vi-.. the visions had stopped. Just thinking about Cordy again made me want to march right on over to Wolfram and Hart to see if it was really true. Thinking about her possibly being back brought forth an entirely new set of emotions. Anger and rage were among them, but so were helplessness and all the other feelings I'd had the moment Angel told us she'd died. Finding out that she might be back then it really not being true was almost like losing her again. Or worse. What if she and Connor had been brought back only to have Angel forced to do something about it. They had been brought back by Wolfram and Hart after all. We all knew that never meant anything good.

Sighing, I looked around for something else to do, but found nothing. Right now I felt as if I could sleep for a straight twenty-four hours, but I couldn't exactly do that. Especially not when both Angel and Gunn were out who knows where and wouldn't be back till who knows when. Someone had to stay around and keep this place running.. or whatever it was doing lately.

I groaned and took a seat behind the counter. There wasn't much busy work to get my hands onto, but maybe there was something. Spotting a book, I flipped through it and found a passage I'd never read before written in Sumerian. It could be interesting or it could just be another one of those books that made absolutely no sense whatsoever. And that.. well, that didn't happen that often I guess.. to me anyway.

[Open to anyone who wants to unbored Fred. Give her somethin to do!]
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Being non social avoidy girl
Ok so I lied. Bad me, but I wasn't exactly feeling all social like today and I could tell by the way Dawn was looking at Nick that she wanted some alone time with him. Which hey I can respect but you know, if they try to take it further, I'm going to have to play protective sister. Especially with Dawn's track record with you know dating a vampire WITHOUT a soul. And now a warlock? Boy she really does take after me more than I realized, which is also kind of bad for me if you look at it that way. So I've had a bad track record with guys, everyone has their own tastes right?

I went out the front doors limping. I was ok, it's just a scratch and those accelerated healing powers come in handy. Should be ok in a couple of days maybe less if I'm lucky. I went around to the back doors and snuck up the stairs the best I could. Ok so maybe not walking as much as stumbling my way up. I finally reached the top of the stairs which brings me to my next complaint. Why does there have to be so many stairs? You'd think they'd have an elevator or something unless I didn't happen to see it which this is going to be much with the pain later.

I limped my way to the nice room far from the others' rooms. I walked in and closed the door behind me quietly hoping no one heard me. I switched on the light next to my nice big and comfy looking bed. The room was cozy. Not too big and not too small. It felt like my old room. I wasn't tired, well maybe a little with the fight and all. I went to the bathroom and pulled the bandage from my leg. It was bleeding through, so I washed it off, applied basic pressure and put a new ace bandage on it.

I walked out and sat by the window looking outside at the lack of activity going on. I hated being like this and feeling this way. I know things won't ever be normal, I'm who these girls look up to and expect me to lead them. But being in this state of mind isn't exactly helping, hence the big knife that went through my leg. I couldn't really talk to anyone, especially Angel's people. I felt anger from them which I hated also. I didn't want to be the one who told him and the others, but with that kind of news, it tends to bring that out which I have grown used to in my time as the slayer.

But me not being in the talky mood right now doesn't help either. Once things settle down, I'm sure it'll get better. Or atleast I hope. I miss rome minus the immortal. Didn't really like him that much. Things were settling down finally, but I'm glad to help out in anyway that I can. I pulled out some stakes and a knife as I began to sharpen them. Something tells me I'm going to be needing these.

(Open to anyone who wants to pay Buffy a visit.)

Cleaning is good for the soul
Angel and Charles were leaving to go talk to.. what did they call themselves again? Night..something or others. Well, they were going to talk to the people who came by earlier to see what exactly was going on over at Wolfram and Hart. Hopefully they wouldn't shoo him away because of the little 'incident' with Angel sorta going off talking to himself. Only it wasn't himself. He'd said that Darla had showed up somehow. Darla being back.. or at least deciding to show up had to be hard on Angel what with her having died and being Connor's mother and all.

This really wasn't what Angel needed right now. Though maybe this was a good thing. It did get him out of the hotel and back to work again, right? Wolfram and Hart had gone too far.. again. Couldn't they just let those who died stay dead? I hated that both Cordy and Connor had died, but bringing them back? Not to mention that this was Wolfram and Hart and I doubt they brought the two of them back just to give Angel a present for turning down a chance to be their CEO. No, they had a little something more up their sleeves this time.

I stayed up in Angel's room for a bit longer after they'd left and picked up a few more things that Angel hadn't gotten to yet. Once I cleaned up a little more, I noticed the picture he had on his dresser. Smiling, I picked it up and looked it over. The faces in the picture smiled back at me and I sighed just remembering it. I think I remembered that exact day. Besides the normal vision or case we had going on, things were quiet and functional. They weren't screwed up and dysfunctional like they were now.

Setting the picture back on the dresser, I left the room and went back down the stairs to the lobby. It seemed empty for now and I halfway hoped it'd stay that way unless Angel or Charles got back with some good news or any news at all for that matter. I walked around the counter and picked up a few things that had somehow gotten out of place. I wished the phone would ring with someone calling in with a case. Well, someone other than 'I've lost all hope and will to go on without Jasmine in my life' because God knows the last fifty of those weren't enough.

When I caught myself drumming my fingers on the counter, I snatched them down and looked over at the clock impatiently. Okay Fred, they haven't been gone *that* long. Making a face at myself, I turned and continued fixing up a few areas even though they didn't actually *need* fixing up and no I hadn't already 'fixed up' this certain spot already.
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I did my very best to pretend I hadn't caught the glance King sent my way. I was trained to kill vampires, not bring them home with me. King had been the one and only exception to that rule...hence the non fuzzy feelings my father harbored for him. I never did grasp the logic behind it. He had been in the same situation once upon a time, till he was cured. You'd think he'd be a bit more understanding. But then you'd be thinking wrong.

Rolling my eyes a bit after King and Nikki's comments I sighed in frustration. They both had a point, but I'm not about to let either of them in on that fact. I'd never hear the end of it.

"Okay, sarcasm noted."

I looked around the room and made a face. The entire place needed a good scrub-down from top to bottom. I'd take a whole swarp of vampires invading over a single slime demon any day of the week. Dust was much easier to get rid of.

"And you, what do you mean he's right? We're doing fine...we're fine, we're all alive aren't we...I'd say we're more than ready for anything..."

Nikki scoffed and shook her head.

"Please. You have no shoes on and I'm pretty sure your shirt is on backwards...but at least you have a shirt on unlike some...not that I'm agreeing with Mr. Intruder."

My brow lowered lightly as I turned my attention back to Jonathan.

"Look, just because HE sent you doesn't mean we own you any sort of gratitude, and if you're here to just point out flaws then you can see yourself out the way you came." So he caught us at a bad time. We were good at what we did, and I refused to have some guy come in off the streets and talk down to us. I don't care who sent him. "If your're here to help, then help. If not..." I motioned to the exit with a subtle nod.

Having said my peace I bowed out of the gathering and set off to the TV room for my shoes...

((Too many names to mention, just get your asses in here. Uh..pwease?))
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We're off to see the wiccan, the wonderful wiccan of...uh, yeah...
I watched Buffy leave us and gave an approving whistle.

"Wow", I looked at Dawn, "The shiny butchers knife, not your sister, SO not your sister--not that there's anything wrong with her still haven't staked me?"

I took this moment to rescuscitate myself and start my heart going again.

"So....want to learn some magic...or maybe just you know go for a walk ourselves...or something."

"Sure...since when did a little magic now and then hurt anybody, right?"

You Doofus...Collapse )

"So...a hotel...wish I lived in a hotel"

I kinda did I think. Mine was just more bare, more cold and more likely to be attacked by demons.
Something told me that right now, everybody back at HQ was probably fighting for their lives. Just a hunch...

(Open Dawnie...Willow too, yes?)

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